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Pandora vs Spotify : My Thoughts

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

I tried both the free versions of Pandora and Spotify and this review only applies to those versions. Let's start with Pandora: When you want to listen to an artist you search for them and Pandora makes a radio station based on that artist. I made a 90's rock radio station and found that a lot of really good songs from similar artists starting popping up. I was able to thumbs up or thumbs down the tracks I heard. This helped personalize my experience. I began making other stations for other moods or times of the day. After a while a thumbs up channel from my favorites was compiled by Pandora which basically included all of my thumbs up tracks! Very awesome!

I also tried Spotify. I tried it and at the time, I searched for King Crimson which was unavailable, then I searched for the Beatles, also not on Spotify. I think these artists have since been added which is good! I did find some artists that I liked on Spotify but I found that it was kind of like Youtube, you search for the song you like and then you listen to it. But it didn't really generate a radio station based on my preferences. Spotify seemed to be okay if you knew the song you wanted to hear and just wanted to hear it, but Youtube seems just as good for this. Pandora is basically like being able to customize your own dream radio station but there is a chance you might not be able to hear the exact track you want to hear much like turning on the radio. Most of the time though, I am able to hear the track I want to hear on Pandora by searching for it and then listening to a short ad.

So I would say that I much more thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Pandora and suggest it as a great tool to learn or teach about music from different era's. So you could make a 50's Station, then make a 40's station and then make a 60's or 80's pop station and listen to each one for few weeks at a time.

To the Spotify lovers out there: Prove me wrong and tell me about your great experiences with Spotify so I can understand how both of these great music apps help get the best music out there to those who want to hear it! I hope you enjoyed my review of the two apps and thank you for reading!

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