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Pandora vs Spotify : My Thoughts

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

I tried both the free versions of Pandora and Spotify and this review only applies to those versions. Let's start with Pandora: When you want to listen to an artist you search for them and Pandora makes a radio station based on that artist. I made a 90's rock radio station and found that a lot of really good songs from similar artists starting popping up. I was able to thumbs up or thumbs down the tracks I heard. This helped personalize my experience. I began making other stations for other moods or times of the day. After a while a thumbs up channel from my favorites was compiled by Pandora which basically included all of my thumbs up tracks! Very awesome!

I also tried Spotify. I tried it and at the time, I searched for King Crimson which was unavailable, then I searched for the Beatles, also not on Spotify. I think these artists have since been added which is good! After using Spotify a few years later, it looks like it

is a lot more like Pandora than when I originally tried Spotify. You are able to create your own

radio stations and make playlists. I'm starting to really enjoy Spotify as I think there may be less adds. I'll keep trying and let you know.

In the past, I would say that I much more thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Pandora and suggest it as a great tool to learn or teach about music from different era's. So you could make a 50's Station, then make a 40's station and then make a 60's or 80's pop station and listen to each one for few weeks at a time. I did feel it was pretty family friendly and will try to make a final recommendation as I'm making 2023 the year of testing out Spotify.

To the Spotify lovers out there: Prove me wrong and tell me about your great experiences with Spotify so I can understand how both of these great music apps help get the best music out there to those who want to hear it! I hope you enjoyed my review of the two apps and thank you for reading!

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