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Learn about being a songwriter the fun way, by writing music with me!

We will get together and talk about your goals and ambitions for writing your song or album! After our plan is in place we will make it happen, finally giving you that album or song you have been working on! Most importantly you will learn all about the art and process of becoming a songwriter/artist/ producer/musician.

Music Magazine
Co - Producer : You
Co - Writer : You

You get to choose how much involvement you want in the songwriting process but the engineering, mixing, mastering, copyrighting, publishing is all managed by me. You can still learn about how it is all done by being a part of each step!

Live Recording
Recording Artist :  You
Lyricist: You

Can't sing? Can't play an instrument? No problem, we will have all of your backing band taken care of and can bring in performers to record your vocals if need be. If you feel comfortable with your abilities you get to be the artist! Don't worry we can do some studio magic and make almost anything sound good! Hint: Even Adele does that ; )

Music Magazine
Published : ✓
Copyrighted : ✓
Distributed : ✓

You get to choose just how far we go. Do you want a website? Songs pressed to Vinyl? Music Videos? 

There are all different levels of involvement.

Here are two ideas as an example: 

One song: unpublished for your enjoyment

Two albums: Published copyrighted and distributed.


We will talk about how this works and most importantly you will learn the process of being a songwriter, artist and producer!

Email me at the address below to inquire about options/availability and pricing categories.

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